Vrindavan Ubud Villa

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Luxury Villas in Ubud - Bali

Vrindavan Ubud Villa opened in 2018, has welcomed guests from over 68 countries and counting. At the beginning of the inauguration, the average occupancy rate achieved by this villa reached 40%, with new management being able to increase sales every month until now after the Covid-19 pandemic has reached an average sales of almost 60%.

Vrindavan Ubud Villa has become one of the villas that highlight the current lifestyle and a reference for BUV, applying the green concept in maintaining a harmonious life with the surrounding environment.

The eco-friendly concept is realized by the use of the best building materials, with architecture combining classical and modern styles.

This luxurious holiday destination has transformed a previously unspoiled area into a world-class tourist destination. Vrindavan Ubud Villa offers tourist services to guests by combining a vacation that is thick with local culture and the sensation of luxury, including spa treatments and a variety of culinary flavor options served in a luxurious fine dining way to a relaxed way like a rice fieldside restaurant.

With 18 private rooms set in middle of flowing ricefields and jungle’s side in Kenderan Village (just 15 minutes away from central Ubud palace) it will be a unique Balinese experience.